Our Moulding Catalog

Click a link below to view a section of our extensive moulding catalog. Click here to download our entire catalog. Feel free to save a copy on your computer for future reference!

Can’t find your pattern? Let us produce it for you! Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to provide you with unique and replica mouldings based on your samples and drawings! Fax in our Custom Moulding Quote Request or contact a salesperson for more information!!

Casings and Aprons


Bases, Base Caps, and Base Shoe

Coves, Crowns, Bed Moulds, Dentil Crowns, Crown Enhancers, and Entablature


Chair Rails

Panel Moulds and Picture Moulds

Corners and Beads

Quarter, Half, and Full Rounds


Carved and Embossed


Tongue and Vee Grooves

S4S and Lattice

Mulls and Stops

Jambs and Astragals

Rake, Drip, and Brickmoulds

Hand Rail, Bar Rail, and Mantel Mould

Squares and Screen Stock

Columns, Caps, and Bases

Interior Mouldings